Black Friday

It’s the after thanksgiving sale that has every bargain shopper going crazy for great deals. This year was thought to be ever more chaotic than the years before. In an article called Cyber Monday Recap by an Economic Analyst Intern, Mwai Malindi, he states “Massive promotions brought shoppers to retail websites and stores in unprecedented numbers this Black Friday.”  He also gave the numbers corresponding to the number of people who attended or were involved with this Thanksgiving weekend as an estimated 226 million shoppers which was up from last years 212 million shoppers. Businesses are ecstatic for the growth in retail buyers over this weekend, however what is the point? I guess you can say it is the best time for Christmas shopping but it can also be the best time for deals for yourself. 

This year I had found myself at the Camarillo Outlets with my best friend at 9 pm on Thanksgiving day. The one store I knew I had to go into was the one that had a line already two hours before the store even opened. What makes this store so popular? What makes women go crazy for these items? What makes husbands buy them for their wives? It’s insane how even the day after at 6 pm there is still a line to get insane. It was the Coach store. You heard me, Coach. If you are unfamiliar with this store, they sell purses.

Is it the name brand? The quality of the bag? The fact that the bags are on the more expensive side? Women go crazy for these bags. I waited an hour in line in the cold with people wanting to enter the store just as badly as I did. Two ladies in front of me were from Central America enjoying the holiday with family in Los Angeles. They knew they were getting a bag, and they were determined. Then the man behind me just bought a new 40 inch television at Best Buy and was now waiting in line for his wife for a Coach purse. For some reason these Coach purses got to us and had us waiting in line at midnight in the cold for an hour. Personally, I love the brand because of the quality of the purses that they sell. I’m also always impressed by the way they treat their customers with respect, and as a girl a really genuine purse just makes me even more proud to be a women. It’s a personal feeling, and I love Coach.

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